Welcome To Pronto!

The companion extension for frequent Speakers

Works Everywhere

Pronto! works with pretty much every submission form, no APIs, no hassle.

One Click, All Data

Choose from your talks and with one click, fill in the CfP form. Spend time adjusting, not copy-pasting.

Designed to make submitting easy

Uses Symposium

A centralized place for all your talks, manage, publish and promote your talks.

One Click Fill

Click on a talk and let Pronto! fill the usual for fields for you, focus on adjusting, not copying


Have all your bios at arm's length, quckly copy it and paste it where you need it.

Tell me more

Frequent speakers find themselves submitting many talks to many conferences. This is a manual process and it's quite annoying to keep flipping from an app (Evernote, Google Keep, Symposium, Notepad..) back and forth copying and pasting pieces of the talk.

Pronto! makes this process a one click process. You find your talk in the handy dropdown window, click on it and it will try to identify all the fields and fill them with your data.

Once it's done, just hit submit.

While Symposium has plans to integrate directly into CfP portals, Pronto! gives you more control. Since it does not automatically submit data, it allows you to avoid the copy&paste step and focus only on adjusting the data for that specific conference.

We believe submitting to a confernce should still be a thought out process, not fully automated and mechanical.

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0.4.5 Dec 16, 2015

Pronto is now mostly compatible with php[architect] CfP tooling. Level and type are still wonky.

0.4.4 Nov 6, 2015

Pronto will now be able to fill your Bio in OpenCFP (sponsored by @skoop)

0.4.3 Oct 29, 2015

Pronto is now compatible with the new slides field in Symposium. (thanks @elazar)

0.4.2 Aug 24, 2015

Pronto is now fully compatible with the ConFoo submission form.

0.4.1 Aug 5, 2015

Your name should properly show up in the options page now.

0.4.0 Aug 4, 2015

Minor release time!

This release brings a revamp of our module structure, a new options page and a couple new features.

  • You can now run pronto! against a custom Symposium install, check out the options page.
  • You can now view, copy and inject your Bios from Symposium right througth pronto.

0.3.0 Jul 7, 2015

Improved field matching with fuzzy logic searching and made handling of “dropdown” type fields possible to fill in things like type and level.

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